Warm and Cozy Launch Party & Creative


The launch of À la folie! Events– what an absolute success! We planned our celebration around the theme Warm and Cozy, a winter wedding theme. “Our wedding creative Warm & Cozy is a realization of the À la folie! Events Team in collaboration with Les Inséparables and Henry Méliès Productions .”  Our launch reception was paired with a photo/video production in order to bring you the true essence of what À la folie! Events truly inspires to do for your wedding day!


Warm and Cozy Creative

While the photo shoot was brought to life with our model in a gorgeous floor length, v-neck wedding gown with cap sleeves embossed with beautiful beads by Ivoire Collection, attention to detail was the focus. The bridal bouquet boasted of cotton intertwined through white roses, embossed with hypericum berries and pine. Miniature versions of the bouquet were placed on reception tables, with the main arrangement of hydrangeas and berries the centre focus (thanks to La Grâce des fleurs). Brass serving ware and dinnerware with gold accents brought warmth and life to our reception tableware.

Warm and Cozy Launch Party

Once the launch was underway, we wanted the guests to feel warm and invited, just as if they were being welcomed to a friend’s home. The food was oh so deliciously intended to instill warmth. From fresh winter apples to cozy drinks–nothing was spared when it came to nailing the Warm & Cozy theme. Rich, decadent mini desserts were served by Everest Traiteur with fresh berries and other delectable toppings like caramel sauce, as well as a mini chocolate fountain. Of course, nothing beat the campfire style s’mores with miniature marshmallows coupled with live jazz music by Davida Syne.

From intimate affairs to posh and bountiful receptions, we spare no attention to detail when it comes to what you want on your big day. No matter what your inspiration, your wishes, your true desire when it comes to your special day — consult À la folie! when it comes to making your bridal dreams come true.

Vendors: Les Inséparables, photographers | Événements À la folie!,  Design & décors | Katherine Galarneau, Makeup & Hairstyling | Ivoire Collection, Bridal Dress | Kakou Bijoux, Bridal Jewellery | Locations Tout-en-un, Furnishing | Location Gervais, Décor Items |Bulle et Papillon, Stationnary | West Elm, Dishes & Décor Items | Gascon Krukowski, Décor Items| Zone Maison, Décor Items | Kiout kiout, Décor Items |  Everest Traiteur, caterer | Henry Méliès Productions, videographer | Davida Syne, Jazz Singer |


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