Wedding photography style : know the difference and choose the one best for you

Know the different styles of wedding photography and choose the one best for you

Old fashioned wedding picture

Credit: Sandranews

Today we’re looking at wedding photography style. You say what? Remember your granny’s wedding album? Those classic photos, where she is seen standing by her new husband, hand in hand and stiffly smiling at the camera? Or you liked the album of your best friend in which all the photos seem so lively, effortlessly taken? These are two different styles of photography. Let us explain them and a few more so that you know what to look for in your wedding photographer.

Traditional style

This is the most common style of wedding photography in which the photos are taken in static locations with the poses, attires and backgrounds arranged by the photographer. No doubt, the photos look formal and a bit staged but it is easier to take these types of photos.


Just opposite to traditional style, you have photojournalism style. This style is informal, the photos look real just like how journalists take. This is the most popular trend now in wedding photography. The photographer captures the events as they unfold, taking real, candid photos.

Natural light

This style is challenging but the results are amazing. Instead of the flash, the photographer uses the natural light to take the photos. Natural, warm and elegant, these photos look so gorgeous.


Illustrative photography

This is a blend of traditional and photojournalistic style in which the background, composition, and lighting are emphasized. The photographer chooses interesting settings and asks the subjects to give candid poses and takes the shots while controlling the technical part, giving rise to beautiful and mesmerizing shots.

Documentary style

In the moment. That’s how this style of photos is taken. Real, candid and not posed, these shots are taken while following the people and the couple and depict their spontaneous reactions. Although the style is similar to photojournalism the main point of departure is that in this style, the story is told through static images.



Lighting is the main component here. The photographers depend on their own lights to create dramatic effects. The shots stand out because of the effects created by the light.



High fashion

A recent trend popularized by commercial photographers in which the photos are made to look glamorous and artsy by highlighting the dresses. Photographers who are adept in fashion photography are the best persons for this type of wedding photography.


Did you decide which style you would like for your wedding album? If you like traditional style, it is easy to get a photographer who can do that. However, if you have photojournalism in mind, look for new ideas in your photographer. Check his portfolio, talk to him about how he is going to cover the wedding. High fashion, dramatic style, and even natural light style ask for expertise and experience. Ask your photographer if he has worked on these styles and see his photos. Hire him only if you are satisfied with the result.

Wedding photography is all about capturing the moments and depicting the story, albeit with the camera. Anyone can take photos but it takes a good photographer who can capture the emotions behind them.

So which style will it be?


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