ORA 2017: Gold, Greenery and Art Deco

ORA 2017: Gold, Greenery and Art Deco

The ORA event was held on October 14th, for a second consecutive year. This conference, was for women of all ages, it took place at the Collège Ahuntsic in Montreal. Once again, À la folie! Events is proud to have contributed as a partner.

This year, the organizers wanted to highlight the journey of exceptional women who had to overcome the hardships. Each obstacle has shaped their characters and ultimately their entire lives.


ORA: Gold and Greenery

We were inspired by the theme of the conference and the Pantone color of the year to develop the decoration of the event. The greenery, the plants and the flowers have in our eyes a strong connotation with personal growth and the uniqueness of the women. In addition, in order to underline “gold” in “Ora” as well as the brand image of the organization, La Chapelle, we opted for the neutrality of the color palette gold, black and white. Also, several elements of décor recalled the Art Deco style of the 1920’s to give the whole décor a stamp.


Comments from the organizers and participants

Wow It’s really beautiful. With the ORA in large letters at the entrance. All that makes it WoW!

-Melissa, participant


It’s so beautiful. All the little details. I think the guest will really feel that it was done especially for them. It’s inviting!

-Christina, participant


I’m happy and the result was really beautiful!!! It was a great success!!!

-Karine, organizer


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this place a dream space!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

-André-Elle, organizer


Congratulations! Very awesome!

-Lindsay, participant


It’s really beautiful! I even took pictures next to the big letters.



Package: Fever

Venue: Collège Ahuntsic

Date: October 14, 2017

Photographs: Christina Esteban Photography

Flowers and Decorations: À la folie! Events

Candy Table : À la folie! Events

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