Yolette & Lenine: “She saved our wedding!”

Yolette & Lenine

She saved our wedding!

Organizing a wedding does not come without stress. Sources of stress can come from the workload involved, deadlines that are too tight or sometimes from family and close relatives. Between the feeling of wanting to please everyone, the race to finding the best vendors, limited budget management and the day-to-day obligations require professional event scheduling to get support in this journey which will last several weeks. Nowadays, the utility of using the services of an event organizer is well established. Yolette and Lenine realized the value of these services throughout the planning of their big day.

The testimony of the couple

I could not have been more pleased with our experience with Anathalie. In fact, I thought that planning of a wedding was not a big deal, but I was totally wrong. Especially for a wedding over 300 guests. After talking to Anathalie we realized how we were all flustered over all the details that go into planning a wedding. She is extremely organized, approachable, and had only our interests at heart. She had a timeline for each element and everything was done on time. She has even took position for me with my in-laws! I really believe that, without her, we might have canceled the wedding because the stress level and the amount of time it took for us to plan seemed insurmountable. Our wedding day would not have been as structured without her. I am grateful for her help and I was able to enjoy my wedding day!

We are always very happy to know that we have succeeded in to producing an event that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction of having a challenge and having done an exceptional job.

Package: Passion & Fantasies

Venue: Grande salle du Centre socioculturel de la ville de Brossard

Photographies: Audrey Mitchell

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