My name is Anathalie and my mission is to accompany those who suffer through my writings. I guide and encourage my readers by sharing personal experiences and biblical teachings and by praying for them so that they are better equipped to face the trials of life. I invite you to discover my spiritual journey as well as the lessons I learned during the depression I faced. I’m happy you’re here!

Anathalie tells with transparency her spiritual journey as well as the lessons learned from the depression she had to go through. This candid story, full of raw emotions and uncensored thoughts, is a hand extended to those who suffer and are torn apart.

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Do you ever get mad at God? Are you sometimes  frustrated or do you feel a deep sense of injustice in the face of situations that beyond your control? So do I. In this diary, I share with transparency a whole range of emotions through articles that focus on depression, grief, illness and even murder. This category includes all the articles that bear witness to the trials I have experienced and the lessons I have learned from them.
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Should we accept suffering? How do we face trials? What does the Bible say about depression or anxiety? Trials and suffering have a lot to teach us about ourselves, about others and about God. This category brings together biblical teachings on different topics on mental and spiritual health.
This category includes all the videos published on the website.

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