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As far as she can remember, Anathalie has always loved the Lord. Despite the tortuous paths that she has been on, He has remained faithful to her and has never let her down. Anathalie grew up in a small Free Methodist church in Montreal’s Haitian community where her parents were involved in ecclesiastical ministry. From a very young age, she gave her life to the Lord and served in church for the advancement of God’s work. She has been attending La Chapelle Church in Montreal since June 2014, where she puts her gifts, talents and expertise to the service of the church’s operations team, as well as the pastoral care team.

In 2018, Anathalie began studying theology in order to become a chaplain to help those who are suffering. This new discipline is added on to her already completed undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology and linguistics. She is also qualified in the areas of counselling and motivational interviewing, with an expertise in smoking prevention and cessation.

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Anathalie works at the Canadian Cancer Society as a project manager in cancer prevention and health promotion. On the side, she has also developed entrepreneurial projects under her registered company Le Remedy TM which specializes in conducting training and conferences aimed at providing tools for the optimal personal and spiritual fulfillment of individuals. This company owns three trademarks: Crown of Wool, Ebony Tresses, À la folie! Events, and Anathalie’s Diary.

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They say that I am a passionate, creative, reserved and bold woman. I have a sweet tooth, I can be a little spaced out from time to time, I love old movies and French soap operas, and… I hate feet! For real!