Scars : Lessons Learned

Depression leaves its mark

It’s not about me!

All in all, what’s happening to me is bigger than me, my life, and my destiny. The ultimate goal is not about my misfortune or my happiness. It’s infinitely bigger than me.

Reyna Biddy | Spoken Word Poet

Do not beg anyone to stay. What belongs to you will always be yours. What’s meant for you will always be yours.

When I’m suffering, God is suffering.

God does not rejoice at the injustice done to me, nor at my misfortune.

I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.

It does not help to hang on to the past. You have to learn to let go and to push forward.

It is not by merit that I was healed.

It’s by love. God’s purposes are Life and Love.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Things rarely go as planned or imagined. If we fail to accept that we are not in control of the outcome of our lives, we prevent God from acting fully in our lives and thus blessing us.

To trust God is to know that He is always in control of situations. Always.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Death is not always a fatality. The only fatality is to be separated from God.

God never lets me down.

Even when I turn my back on him, He gives me what I need to overcome my difficulties because He remains faithful forever.

God does wonderful things in the midst of suffering. Do not shut the door when things seem to go wrong. God is ALWAYS at work.

God loves me.

He likes to be with me. There is nothing that I can do more or less that will change the depth of His love towards.

God is good.

He has my best interests at heart.

God sees me, hears me and speaks to me.

All the time. Without exception. He never ignores me. Even His silence is communicative.

God is not mine, I am His.

God is not at my service, I am at His service.

It is always wise to say “Yes” to God.

There is always a hidden treasure for me, when I answer Yes to God especially when I suffer, when I do not feel ready, or when my soul is in turmoil. Consolation is in the ‘Here I am, Lord’.

I can not manipulate God.

He does what He wants, when He wills, for whom He wills, for reasons that He alone knows. He is sovereign.

Take a closer look or step back a little.

It’s not because we see nothing that there is nothing.

God can use me even when I am depressed, sick or suffering.

It is in the presence of God that I am the best version of myself.

Whoever wants to be with you, fights for you.

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